Neil Kandalgaonkar

An experienced and creative human that writes software

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Work Experience


API/Web/DevOps Engineering, March 2018 – present

I am a member of a three-person, fully remote team handling all the cloud, operations, database, backend, and frontend engineering. My focus areas are authentication, security, and cloud platform optimization. Most work is in Node.JS and Python, with some React/Redux, deployed on Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services.

Bench Accounting

Senior Software Engineer, March 2017 – March 2018

Web applications and microservices, written in Scala and Java, deployed on Amazon Web Services. Modernized the frontend stack from CoffeeScript to modern JavaScript. Led Internal Tools team for a few months. Made many improvements to hiring process. Started Diversity & Inclusion initiative in engineering,

Sauce Labs, Real Device Cloud

Senior Software Engineer, December 2014 – March 2017

Our team created a cloud of real Android and iOS devices, made available for customers to run tests on. Many deep dives into obscure areas of mobile operating systems. Bespoke cloud engineering, on company-owned hardware, mostly with Python microservices.

Created and open sourced: isign, a reimplementation of Apple’s signing protocol, that works on Linux. Blog post

Solo projects / Contractor

April 2012 – December 2014

Mobile app project, GeoMind, displayed interesting locations inferred from the density of geotagged photos. Amazon Web Services, Node.JS and PostGIS. Part-time work at a seed investment firm.

Wikimedia Foundation

Software Engineer, December 2009 – January 2012

The Wikimedia Foundation is the organization behind Wikipedia. I worked on HTML5 interfaces, multimedia, file storage, internationalization, APIs, GUI editing, parsing, live collaboration while editing, and more (commit log). Frequently deployed and configured code running live on all Wikipedia. Mentored other paid and community developers, including Google Summer of Code 2011, and winning team for Wikipedia SF Hackathon in January 2012. Left amicably to pursue personal projects and reset visa status.

Created and open sourced: jQuery.i18n, Wikipedia’s standard for frontend internationalization

Yahoo (, Flickr)

Senior Software Engineer, December 2006 – April 2009

Integrated’s event listings into Yahoo Search, redesigned event and geographic data models, modernized frontend, wrote asset management and deploy system, and mentored new hires. Improved Flickr’s payment systems and FlickrMail. Received Excellence and Hack Day Awards in 2008.


Software Engineer, September 2005 – October 2006

Internationalization for Google Checkout, a Java-based commerce and payments system. Contributed to frontend, data store, order processing, taxation policy, and Merchant API. Created login flow for Google Accounts that allowed secure entry of payment info.

Other experience


Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, Spring 2000
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec


English, French


Available upon tseuqer . Also see LinkedIn.

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