Neil Kandalgaonkar

hacker, maker of things

Hire me

I have some projects of my own which are still brewing, but I’m also looking for work right now. Ideally, some short-term contracts, or ongoing part-time work. I might be convinced to join the right early-stage startup.

Here’s my resumé and and LinkedIn profile if you’re looking for employment information. As you can see I spent most of the last eight years working for various companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you’re looking for open source code of mine, you can check out Github, my MediaWiki commit log, or my profile on Ohloh, a service which tracks commits to various projects. And, don’t take this too seriously, but you can also see my open source report card, which summarizes my public Github activity.

I am a Canadian citizen, and am currently located in Vancouver, Canada because I wanted to work on personal projects and reset my visa status.

But most of my possessions are still in storage in California, so potentially, it would be an easy relocation.